CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD Oil Side Effects

Cannabidiol has several side effect, however, held up against the alternative artificial drugs, it is less demanding both physically and mentally. The side effects vary with the individual, the form of CBD ingested, and the concentration ingested. CBD is generally considered a safe extract and has been encouraged multiple times. 

Due to varying body responses for one user to another, some side effects have been observed. In one instance on a user might report an increase in sleepiness while others might claim there was an increase in awareness or alertness. It all boils down to personal body differences. Some of the notable side effects caused by CBD include: 

Sensory Perception 

Once ingested some users report an increase in sensory perception. The change in neural function can be manifested in different ways. For instance, a user can detect or hear external stimuli and recognize it despite is its irrelevance. Whether it’s light, temperature, or chemical stimulation, reports of change in the neurophysiological system has been reported among CBD enthusiasts. 

Change in Appetite 

The change can be an increase in appetite or a reduction. Research has proved that CBD affects hunger hormones. CBD, depending on the form ingested, triggers the part of the brain associated with hunger hormones. In response to this side effect, researchers are trying to use CBD as a treatment for ailments such as anorexia. 

Change in Mood

CBD is known for its reversing the effects caused by THC. Some of these effects include anxiety and panic. CBD extract reduces the levels of these emotions and gets rid of the paranoia and fear. Its relaxation after the effect has been widely acknowledged, and in some cases, the relaxation effect is termed as change in mood. Moreover, it might cause some change in the processing of emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness. 

Change in Heart Rate 

Although THC compound is mostly linked with the change in heart rates, CBD is known to bring down the heart rate once it kicks in. THC causes an increase in heart rate by up to 50 beats per second. 

Once CBD kicks in, it reduces the increased heartbeat used to compensate for the low blood pressure. As a result, CBD has been tested on an animal model in the improvement of heart health for animals having a stroke and other heart ailments. 

Physical behavior 

 CBD causes a relaxing feeling once it takes a toll in the body. This might cause a reduction in physical activity or total inactivity. In some cases, users are reported to be mellow once they took CBD. 

The extract tinker with dopamine levels and the striatum leading to less physical activity. Nevertheless, long term of the extract can cause a significant decrease in dopamine which is linked to self-reward when one accomplishes a goal. Simply put, long term usage of CBD might cause a motivational syndrome or lack of motivation. 

The side effect caused by CBD differ due to the alteration in the mod of intake and the physiological makeup of different users. For instance, people with more weight are likely to experience the effects of CBD when they take a higher dose. This variance brings about various side effects.

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